Summer Art Camps

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Camp 1 The Basics of Pour Painting  

Instructor: Willow Steel

In this class students will learn basic pour painting including a Dutch pour, swipe and chain pull. They will also learn how to apply fluid paint with palette knives. They will get to take home the fluid paint recipe, pallette knives and pull chain to explore with at home. Students will pour five 12”x12” canvases and a 6”x6” trivet.

Camp 2  Draw Anything with Confidence

Instructor: Cheryl Frarck

By searching for basic shapes (like lines and circles) within objects, students will learn the skills of drawing. How to properly hold a pencil, scribble, doodle, zen doodle, draw shapes, contour sketch, shade and create finished drawings.

Camp 3  The Eye of the Artist: Keeping a Nature Journal 

 Instructor: Cheryl Frarck

Over four days participants will walk around Mantorville focusing on expanding their vision, responding and recording what they see. They will practice observing, composing, and detailing. 

Camp 4  Come on In ~ The Water’s Fine

 Instructor: Cheryl Frarck

Watercolor is a medium which is accessible to everyone, doesn’t require hours to dry, and accidents that occur in paintings are exciting! Using watercolor, students will explore strategies to get started, plan their pieces’s layout and practice exploring color use and control. They will practice color strategies, texture, special effects and layers to complete their paintings!

Camp 5 Let’s Paint in the Spirit of Famous Artists

 Instructor: Gayle Dahl

In this class students will learn about a few of the great painters from the past. Where and when they lived, and what technique are present in their unique styles. Then use some of the techniques in your own paintings.

Camp 6 Tree of Life Wire Wrapping

 Instructor: Willow Steel

In this class students will learn basic wire wrapping techniques. They will learn project layout, proper use of wire cutters and jeweler pliers. They will string beads on wire to create the tree.

Camp 7 Exploration of Various Art Mediums

 Instructor: Ginni Cormack

Students will experience different art mediums every day, learning each of their unique properties and different ways to create with them. Students will complete a new piece of art each day. Possible media will include foil, acrylics, watercolor, polymer clay, fabrics and more.

Camp 8 Charcoal Animal Drawing

 Instructor: Layne Noser

Students will learn to draw animals from pictures, using pencil, charcoal pencil and shading sticks.

Camp 9 Ceramic Wall Pocket

 Instructor: Ginni Cormack

Students will learn the properties of clay slabs, adding texture with various materials, how to join slabs together, and glazing to create a wall hanging pocket.