Cheryl Anderson

MAG Board Position:
Board Member
Cheryl started sewing doll clothes for herself at age 7. All through high school and into her adult life, she has enjoyed making her own clothing and loves to try out new combinations of colors and textures. She believes the “inside should be as beautiful as the outside!” Cheryl started sewing for American Girl and other 18″ dolls a few years ago and has found her niche.

American Girls

yellow_purple_lace_dresses pink_teal_lace_dresses pink_ribbons_dresses kitty_viking_outfits

hummingbird_dots_dresses EasterDresses daisy_tiedie butterfly_dolphin_longskirts


Laura Ingalls Collection

IngallsGirls_straw_bonnets IngallsGirls IngallsGirls_wPhoto